Daybreak Foods

Specialists in the import & supply of ambient food products to retail, foodservice and wholesale customers.

Specialists in the import & supply of ambient food products to retail, foodservice and wholesale customers.


Our highly qualified in-house food technologists ensure all the products we supply are safe, legal and of consistent quality to meet our customer’s specific requirements. The team works closely with both suppliers and customers with the development of new products and the management of existing products.


The team ensure that all products supplied are safe and compliant with food safely rules and regulations. All production sites have BRC accreditation and are visited regularly to ensure the highest standards of food safety and food security are maintained.


Our technologists ensure that the quality of our products are consistently of the highest standard through attending 1st productions, regular sampling sessions against quality attribute sheets & management of customer complaints.


The team has a wealth of knowledge of current food legislation which ensures that all our packaging meets all current UK food legislation. Attention is paid to ensuring the authenticity of products is guaranteed.


New Product Development is core to our business. Our well-structured, clearly defined product development procedure ensures products of the correct quality are launched on time with packaging that meets the UK food labelling legislation requirements. Close management of the critical path from concept through to launch. Managing all specifications, artwork and 1st production. Daybreak Foods is BRC Agents and Brokers certified.


Daybreak Foods recognises that the actions taken by the business impact the environment. As a result we have an ever evolving and developing sustainability policy to address current and emerging issues. We promote sustainable work practices in supplying factories including reducing energy consumption and water usage, using renewable energy sources, reducing and recycling waste, reducing emissions, organic certification and ISO 14000 certification. Transporting products wherever possible is carried out by maritime shipping as this is the world’s most carbon-efficient form of transporting goods. There is a strong focus on packaging, reducing packaging weight on products, increasing the recycled content in packaging and investigating recyclable packing formats to replace non recyclable packing formats. We are a member of Sedex member as are all our supplying sites.